Birds Solicitors Criminal Defense Lawyers, Wandsworth, London, SW18

We specialise in criminal defence work and deal with general crime, serious fraud and a large amount of appellate work and CCRC applications.

We deal with no other discipline but crime.

Serious crime


The firm has represented numerous people on murder trials. We have dealt with cases from the police station to the Court of Appeal. These cases often involve very lengthy and detailed police investigations. It takes an advanced level of experience and forensic skills to prepare such cases for trial and to represent suspects in the police station.

In some of our recent murder cases we have acted for:-

  • the main defendant in the highly publicised murder of the Chelsea banker, John Monckton, in his own home and the attempted murder of his wife. This was an extremely complex investigation involving a large number of documents.
  • the main defendant in a contract killing of a man then on bail for serious drugs offences in the Hastings area in 2003. The police investigation took 2 years before our client was charged with the offence. This was an extremely complex case again involving a huge amount of documentation.
  • a man who was arrested on suspicion of the murder of a man in the flat of Count von Bismarck who fell from a balcony. Following police interviews and a detailed investigation our client was not charged with any offence.
  • a man charged with the murder of a well known literary agent who had been stabbed many times whilst tied up at his own flat. Our client was claiming manslaughter by way of diminished responsibility.
  • a young Asian man who was charged with the murder of a young white male who had been attacked and stabbed by a group of Asian youths in East London following an attempted robbery on one of the group of Asian youths. This was a particularly difficult and racially sensitive case which led to the acquittal of our client.
  • a woman who was accused of murdering her husband with an axe. She claimed diminished responsibility and her plea of guilty to manslaughter was ultimately accepted.
  • a man who was tried on a re-trial at the Old Bailey for the random and unprovoked murder of a man on a bus in Vauxhall. Again the issue in this case was diminished responsibility.
  • a young man accused of the fatal shooting of a man in Battersea following an altercation in the street. This is another highly complex investigation which produced a large amount of documentation and a lengthy trial before the case was dismissed after the close of the prosecution case.
  • a man who was convicted of the murder of the baby of our client's then partner. We made an application to the CCRC who referred the case back to the Court of Appeal. The issues related to the timing of death from forensic evidence. We had not been instructed at trial.
  • a man who was charged with a conspiracy to murder a man in Liverpool by way of a proposed contract killing. The other defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy to blackmail but our client was acquitted after a lengthy trial.
  • two men accused of stabbing a male in the chest in a nightclub. Again the police investigation wasextremely lengthy and the case ended in the acquittal of both clients on the murder charge.
  • a young man accused of killing a 21 year old man after an altercation concerning a sweet wrapper being thrown into the deceased's car. This matter was concluded with a plea of guilty to manslaughter rather than murder following representations as to the nature of the charge.
  • one of six young men accused of killing a 21 year old man in an apparently unprovoked attack when he was shot at close range with a shot gun in south London
  • a man who was attacked by the person he was selling drugs to and who the jury accepted killed him in self defence inflicting over 20 stab wounds in the process
  • a man accused of killing a minder in a north London brothel which raised extremely complicated issues of DNA and which is now the subject of a second appeal based on that DNA evidence;
  • a man who was accused of pushing his brother from a balcony on the third floor of a block of flats when the brother died six months after the incident having sustained crippling injuries;
  • two men suspected of a murder during the August 2011 riots in Croydon, neither of whom were charged;
  • a man who was accused of murdering a drug dealer in a robbery for his supply of drugs in Leeds;
  • a man who killed a stranger in a pub in an unprovoked attack by stabbing him in the chest and back several times whilst experiencing a psychotic episode. His plea to manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility was accepted;
  • a woman who killed her 7 month old child while mentally unwell. Her plea of guilty to infanticide was ultimately accepted by the prosecution.

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